1. Tina

    Great Post. As a wholesale buyer, Ewa Michalak’s fees are the “cost of doing business” and can be easily written off at the end of the year just like the shipping (did I mention I pay about $100 every time an order is shipped?). I’ve read some of the complaints with Ewa Michalak and many of the posts/articles are 2-5 years old and there has been a lot of improvement in communication (for me, customer service has been stellar in the three years I have carried the brand) and consistency in product. It’s a fairly new company and as with all companies, there are growing pains. I have been very pleased with the range in not only sizes but cuts that are available, which helps the wearer and fitter find the best shape for a specific bust line. As a small retailer, Ewa is my crowning glory and tends to fit my clients more often than not, making it possible for me to concentrate on perfecting fit assessments on a few brands instead of a long list of companies.

  2. Iveta

    Excellent review – I must say that in past 4 years, Ewa Michalak and Comexim are the only brands I will buy. There is simply no comparison with other brands to the fit and comfort – and I tried all of the big brands, including brands retailing at $150+ per bra. They are a small company and, yes, there may be minor size inconsistencies related to different fabric, but out of 50 to 60 bras I have bought, I am still in the same size and did not have to go up or down. Ewa is an incredibly nice person who is passionate about her work. When she found out through my FB page that I was sick and my size dramatically changed as a result of illness, she send me a free voucher for any bra set from her collection to help me out alongside a card of well wishes. Have you ever heard of that with any other brand (aside from Comexim)? I only have good things to say about Ewa and her product. The only thing I wish was that I found about her many years ago.

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