1. mel

    Love your reviews! I fit & sew bras and wanted to let you know that the empty space in the wire channel is NOT a design flaw but rather a construction element. It’s called “wire play” and it’s there to ensure the wire has plenty of room to move in the channel so that it’s less likely to squeak or pop out.

      • mel

        There’s just a tiny bit too much cup volume, as you note (east west, bouncing etc). That, and not the wire play, is what’s causing the flaps. A cup down or a tighter band would take care of it as well. It’s not a really big fit problem, though, as it doesn’t affect comfort, so you could also just choose to ignore if you wanted 🙂

        • Yes, I am mostly perplexed by the aesthetics. The cup volume in this one was 12 inches for an FF which was a little larger than I expected. Typically I get 11.5 or even 11 inches in cup volume but alas, brand variation it seems. Thanks for your insight – it’s been helpful! 🙂

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