Bra Fitters

So you’ve scoured all the resources for bra shape, sizes, etc and tried the calculators and are feeling a little overwhelmed… may we suggest visiting a bra fitter? Most likely you are feeling so close to figuring out your size but need a bit more guidance…bra fitters can be found in many boutiques ready and willing to help you determine your size. Most will likely charge a fee and for their knowledge, isn’t that okay? In the long run, paying a fitter will save you trying endless different bras trying to find the right size and style for your shape which will save you the bra fitting fee and some!

Not all fitters are equal, however, so we strongly suggest you educate yourself from the resources we have linked such as the bra size calculator so that when you go in, you will at least have a good idea what the bra fitter is talking about and also be able to confirm your own size and bra styles that suit your shape best.

If you live in Texas or would like an unbiased opinion on fit, we highly suggest visiting Tina Omer at Aphrodites Closet. We can vouch for her first hand for being a knowledgable fitter.

Know of any other fitters who are great? Drop us a line and let us know so we can add them!